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Precious Metals


Gold Potassium Cyanide

Silver Potassium Cyanide
- Silver Cyanide
- Silver Anode
- Silver Nitrate

Palladium Dichlorotetrammine
- Palladium Chloride

Rhodium Sulphate


Base Metals

Electrolytic Nickel
Nickel Square 1"x1"
Nickel Square 2"x2"
Nickel Crown
- Nickel Cathode
- Nickel D-Crown

Electrolytic Cobalt
Electrolytic Cobalt

Copper Anode
Oxygen Free Copper Nugget 1"x1"
- Phosphorous Copper Ball 25 mm
- Phosphorous Copper Quadstar Bar 1 3/4"x3"x22"


Chemicals For Plating

- Nickel Sulphate
Nickel Chloride


- Titanium Basket
Titanium Bag
Platinized Titanium Mesh Anode

Semi-conductor Devices
Gold Bonding Wire
- Aluminum Bonding Wire

- Quartz Immersion Heaters
- Stainless Steel Immersion Heaters
- Magnetic Driven Filtration Systems
- Filter Cartridges
- Centrifugal Dryers



- DC Auto
- Super Mini Rex
- Smart Mini Rex
- *Smart Mini Rex
- *Pulse Reverse

Nikkelverk is part of Glencore, one of the world�s largest globally diversified natural resource companies.

It is the biggest nickel refinery in the western world. Since 1910, it has refined, produced and exported nickel and other metals from the production plants in Kristiansand. It�exports 100% of the its production, primarily containing nickel, copper and cobalt.�It produces the world�s purest nickel and cobalt, as well as ferronickel, copper and a variety of other products.

Johnson Matthey is a multinational specialty chemicals and sustainable technologies company, with operations in over 30 countries and employing more than 13,000 people. It is organised into four main businesses: Clean Air, Catalysts Technologies, Hydrogen Technologies, and Platinum Group Metals Technologies.

The Group's principal activities are the manufacture of autocatalysts and pollution control systems, catalysts and components for fuel cells, pharmaceutical compounds, process catalysts and speciality chemicals, refining, fabrication and marketing of precious metals, and the manufacture of colours and coatings for the ceramic, glass, paint and plastics industries. Johnson Matthey products are sold across the world to a wide range of advanced technology industries.
METALOR is a leading supplier in the field of precious metal electroplating with products and processes developed over many years to meet the demands of the diverse electroplating activities in different industries. Simply stated, METALOR products work − they are tried and tested.

METALOR Advanced Coatings Division concentrates its expertise on a plating process range including precious metal solutions and ancillary products. These products and processes are designed for use with high speed reel to reel, barrel, rack and various types of wet semiconductor metallisation equipment.

Products manufactured under the trademark of SanRex are now widely used in every field of power electronics for industrial use.

Among the many varied products it produces are semiconductors elements for power control developed by SANSHA, power supply units for metal surface treatment greatly contributing to the enhancement of productivity and quality by its fully automatic control furnaces, power supply units for industrial purposes characterized by its stable supply of power, uninterruptible power supply equipment (CVCF) to protect machinery in the event of unexpected accidents, including power failures, and light control units for stage and auditorium purposes.

SanRex products satisfy the diversified needs of the industrial world and are highly reputed in various fields for their excellent quality and performance. Each and every one of them is a product of many years of experience and the latest technology and enjoys the fullest confidence of users.

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